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Dr. Robert Austin, Dr. Matthew Pray, Dr. Larissa Delo and staff look forward to seeing you soon! Please call us to learn more information or make an appointment.

Our Values

Quality Care

We, at Austin/Pray Family Dentistry, strive to provide caring, comfortable dental care for all, where we not only focus on the beauty of your smile but your overall health as well.

Preventive Care

We believe in the concept of preventive dental health care when it comes to maintaining oral health.

Safety Precautions

In order to make sure your safety is guaranteed at our office, we practice all infection control guidelines as recommended by the ADA, OSHA, and CDC.

Training & Expertise

Your dental health is important to us, and we strongly believe in and participate in continuing education training with all members of our dental team.

Welcome To Austin/Pray Family Dentistry!

We happily provide outstanding dental care for patients 4 and up.

Our practice focuses on restoring oral health which includes: dental cleanings, fillings, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, oral surgery, crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, dental implants, nitrous, and many other services. 

Dental Services

Restorative Dentistry

Prevent the loss of a tooth, prevent dental pain, repair damaged or decayed teeth, replace missing teeth, improve your bite and enhance your smile.

Oral Surgery

Our goal is to save your teeth. However, sometimes a tooth cannot be saved and an extraction may be necessary. We can make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Root Canals

Having a toothache is never a fun situation. Fortunately root canals provide a way to alleviate pain while saving the affected tooth.

Teeth Whitening

A bright, white smile can be a great asset. Whether you are on a date or interviewing for a new job, the whiter your teeth, the more attractive you will appear to others.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace one or more missing teeth. In addition they can also provide a way to stabilize and support complete or partial dentures.

Nitrous Analgesia

We realize that a visit to the dental office can be stressful. Fortunately, nitrous oxide/"laughing gas" can help provide a safe, anxiety-free, dental experience.

Just had my teeth cleaned by Janet...It was a delight, she was wonderful! Recommend her to all.

Jay T.

I have been a patient here for over 10 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else! The dentists and their staff are great!

Mistle B.

Great people, great service! In and out in way less time than I expected. They are just 'very good' at what they do!

Perry V.

Love my dentist and the staff here! They are helping me keep my beautiful smile. I am not a fan of those group…

Karen A.

I am so happy to have found such a caring and honest dentist in Dr. Austin. The office staff is friendly and efficient.…

Brenda R.

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